How do you get approved for a co-op apartment?

Answer Since every co-op board looks for different attributes on its application, you need to understand what the co-op board looks for in applications it approves for the building where you want to purch... Read More »

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How to Get Approved for an Apartment With Bad Credit?

A low credit score can destroy your chances of getting approved for a home loan. In this case, you'll have to consider an apartment or rental home. Although it's common for people with poor credit ... Read More »

What is the average credit score to get approved for an apartment?

Not all landlords check credit scores. Others may not only look at the credit score, but also at the reason for a low score. A minimum credit score of 650 is best when hunting for an apartment.Sour... Read More »

Can an apartment owners association having no legal entity collect moneys from the residents for maintenance of apartment?

Read your governing documents to determine the board's authority to collect assessments. Your term ' no legal entity' is not specific enough to inform the answer.Assessments that cover maintenance ... Read More »

How can you fix a 5200 Haier Air Conditioner in an upper apartment window if water is running down the wall of the lower apartment?

Probably not, but tell me what kind of cushion you have & how long you have had it & I will get you a specific answer