How do you get ants out of your garden?

Answer pour boiling water into their ant hill.pour boiling water into their ant hill.

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How to get ants out of my garden without chemicals?

Go to home depot and buy this product.…You do not have to spray the ants with chemicals in your garden. Place one of these items with some of the liquid... Read More »

How do I keep ants off my garden plants?

Chalk LinesPlace a chalk line around the garden early in the morning before ants are active. According to Garden Guides, ants will not cross a chalk line and thus stay out of the garden. You will n... Read More »

My garden is seriusly infested with ants. how can i get rid of them please?

i live in the country side and theres hundreds of ants, what i've found is to get a jug of boiling water/kettle and fairy washing up liquid and pour it over the nests it shouldn't come back also a ... Read More »

How to Kill Ants in a Vegetable Garden?

Gardening can be difficult, and rewarding, work. The hours and money put into your garden can easily be carried away by a very common and pesky invader: ants. One of the most effective ways to kill... Read More »