How do you get another 1GB of memory ?

Answer Easiest solution is to go to and use the online scanner once you have the laptop; it'll tell you what you've currently got, and what you can upgrade to. You can also buy the memory ... Read More »

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I have 7 yr old pc its only i add extra memory or try to get another one ?

Get a new computer, if one part is that slow, it is likely your system isn't worth using anylonger

How to Move Virtual Memory to Another Drive to Optimize Vista?

Virtual memory is used by Windows Vista when the RAM in your computer runs low. Virtual memory is actually a file cached on your hard disk drive. It is called the "page" or "paging" file and is typ... Read More »

My mother is still dead and I have another cooking memory. Can you help?

my mother is dead too she'll always still be dead, i can't bring her back, so i can't help u with that either.i gave u a star and the one above me a thumbs up

Can I remove memory from a computer its originally installed on the computer to another computer?