How do you get affordable homeowners insurance with bad credit?

Answer AnswerThere are companies that do not run credit score.

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If you have affordable auto insurance before filing bankruptcy based on good credit do you have to tell the insurance company you filed?

Answer BK will not affect any insurance policies that are already in effect.

Does homeowners insurance cover a homeowners fall?

You mean cover the owner who is listed on the policy? =No!

Who pays the deductible with homeowners insurance?

With homeowners insurance, the homeowner (owner of the policy) pays any deductible amount owed. Each homeowners insurance policy has its own deductible amount, a cost that the homeowner must pay be... Read More »

Is it ok to change auto insurance after twenty years with the same company as another good insurance company can give a better discount because they already have your homeowners policy?

Answer This is perfectly okay. Things to check on is make sure your deductable hasn't risen significantly, as well as your coverage terms. You know, fine print things.