How do you get a video recorder with a tape onto your computer?

Answer Use a firewire aka iLink, IEEE1394 cable to transfer the footage onto your PC.

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How do you convert a tape onto your computer uising a sony handycam video recorder?

If your camcorder is a miniDV or Digital8 tape based camcorder, you will need a firewire cable... What you did not tell us is what the camcorder will be connecting to - is the firewire port on your... Read More »

I've got a video tape stuck in my recorder?

Just get a screw driver. Careful when you're pulling the chewed tape off the heads.

How to Connect a Tape Recorder to a Computer?

Connecting a tape recorder to a computer is a relatively simple, inexpensive way to transfer old cassette tapes to a computer, which can then be manipulated. Once the audio is in the computer, it c... Read More »

I have old tapes from an 8mm video recorder and VHSC how can I transfer them to computer W/O camera working?

Check out StashSpace.Com they are an online video conversion company that can put your 8mm and VHS tapes onto a portable hard drive. $7 / tape + cost of drive.