How do you get a video file to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Answer No, you don't use Open from the file menu--that's for Premiere project files.You go to File>Import.That way you get the video files in the open dialogue instead of just Premiere files.

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How to Edit Video With Adobe Premiere Pro CS4?

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How to Edit FLV in Adobe Premiere?

Despite the fact that flash video (FLV) is the most generally compatible format for sharing video on the Internet, Adobe Premiere (like many video editing software packages) doesn't accept FLV file... Read More »

I need to find a way to edit or convert my m2ts files so adobe premiere stops lagging?

You already answered your own question: "laptop isn't really good enough to allow me to edit"... use a computer that exceeds the minimum requirements for MTS file editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro File Types?

Adobe Premiere Pro allows the importation of multiple media types so that users can edit them together and create video projects. Along with their own specific project and file types, the software... Read More »