How do you get a track in your nightclub on Bin Weevils?

Answer Finger your bum

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How do you get a background for your nightclub on Bin Weevils?

Jesus hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors. The important thing is, are you going to have an effect there, or be affected by what's there. If you don't have the strength of character to sta... Read More »

Can someone track down your address/track your location with your cellphone number?

Who are we talking about here - your wife or the authorities? Your wife can track your current location only if you installed software on your phone to allow tracking and that only to a cell, not d... Read More »

How do you get your nightclub bigger on Nightclub City?

level up. simple as that. make sure to have plenty of dancing space but also have plenty of open floor space. this way people fight and fall in love and you gain more money. by doing so you will le... Read More »

How do you take pictures with your camera on Bin Weevils?

I think you click on the camera and then you take a photo anywhere you like around bin weevil town and then thats how you get the picture on your magazine !!!