How do you get a texted ringtone into your iPhone ringtones?

Answer iPhone 4 is the best compared to Blackberry!

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How do I Move a Ringtone From My Sounds to My Ringtones With a Motorola MOTO VU204?

The Moto V cell phone is among the many Motorola devices that feature multimedia and ringtone capabilities. Because music songs can also be added to the phone's media library, you may want to make ... Read More »

How do you add a ringtone on iPhone 4?

You need to go into the iTunes app on your iPhone and pay around 59p for a ringtone.

How to Use an MP4 File As a Ringtone for an iPhone?

The Apple iPhone is a smartphone that was introduced in 2007. Among its features, the iPhone allows you to easily set custom ringtones. In addition to being able to pick and choose ringtones, you a... Read More »

How can you set a song as a ringtone in my iphone 4?

Yes it does, you will be given the option when you have taken a picture or be given the option when viewing pictures.