How do you get a small wooden staple out of your finger?

Answer tweezers

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Accidentally poked under finger nail with staple?

Ouch! Your story reminded me of when I was a little girl. I saw my auntie trying to fix a stapler and her finger got punctured and suddenly a bead of red appeared on her finger o_O.Anyways...maybe ... Read More »

If you take a small chunk off your finger on a glass do they stitch it?

If you have a cut that keeps bleeding, or that "gapes" open and won't stay closed, you need stitches to close it up so that it will heal.If you just have a little chunk gone and it stops bleeding, ... Read More »

What should you do if you have insects in your home especially around the window that are so small when you press your finger on one it just looks like a gray smudge?

Get Rid of Tiny Bugs Call the exterminator. To get rid of them yourself, you can use "Hot Shot" bug bomb spray cans. It is great stuff, very effective. Follow directions on the can.

I got a wooden splinter in my finger?

If you got it disinfected then it's just sore because of the pain you caused within your finger, like if you bang your elbow, it's sore for a while after wards. It's going to hurt, but it should be... Read More »