How do you get a ringback tone on the iPhone 4?

Answer It is now called the 4S, and yes, the 4 is now $99 for the 8gb model.

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How do you turn off a ringback on an iPhone 3g?

It will restore every thing and you will need to jailbreack it after wards

How do you get an answer tone on an iPhone?

There are a few ways but the easiest is a free app in the Apple app store called "ringtones" It will let you make a song you have into a ring tone for free with just a few easy steps. ^^^^You're a... Read More »

Can you buy ring tone in the iPhone?

I'd say it would be around $5 an hour or maybe like $500 a month

How do you set a iPhone 4S ringer tone to vibrate?

the easiest way, is to use the side button and put your phone on silent. Apart from this you need to go through the settings menu to tones and set it from there.