How do you get a onn blu ray player playing all formats with sound?

Answer to watch 3d you have to have a 3d source such as a 3d hd channel from an hd tuner, or of course the 3d blu-ray. You can't just plug in a composite connector and get 3d. You have to have higher qual... Read More »

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How to Convert WMA Sound Files to WAV and MP3 Formats?

Three of the most common music formats are WMA, WAV and MP3. Each format has specific areas in which it is superior. Knowing how to convert between these formats quickly is helpful for digital mu... Read More »

What formats does blue ray player play?

Bluray players are high definition devices and therefore are incompatible with all older televisions. By "older" we can refer to all non high definition televisions. Any TV that does not have an HD... Read More »

Which blue ray player that plays all formats?

Sure. but you need to use blue and red glasses

What is one of the file formats that the Zune MP3 player supports?

WMAMusic can be shared wirelessly between two Zune MP3 players