Your son is 16 he does not want to ever live with his dad again his dad has custody of him but he has been living with you for 2 years now can the father make him come live with him?

Answer AnswerYes, if his dad has custody of him. You might need to go to court again to get custody of your son, so he won't have to live with his dad. Good luck and God Bless:)

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Does it make a difference whether you make pasta with hot or cold water?

yes. putting pasta into cold water to bring it to a boil will result in a gluey pod of pasta. Bring lots of water to a rolling boil, so that all of the individual pasta is surrounded by hot water... Read More »

What should you mix in with garden soil to make it rich with minerals?

use greensand and compost. ANSWER: Add composted cow manure to a rate of one fifty pound bag per 100 square feet of garden and till it under. POOF! instant rich soil without too much nitrogen. Add ... Read More »

What is the best thing to take off your make up with if you've run out of make up wipes?

That always happens to me and the best thing to use is Vaseline, or any petroleum jelly. It's so good at wiping all the makeup off.

How to Make a Good Picture With Crayons (for Kids With Pictures)?

These are sharp and new crayons that are good to use.This is how you can make a great picture with crayons. You can do this with about any drawing material. This was originally created of CRAYONS.