You are a girl and you love a person. You want to let him know your feelings but you dont want to get rejected.which is the best way to let him know?

Answer You shouldn't be scared to face to face with him. Just tell him how you feel. If he rejects you then move on. There's other guys out there for you. You should always have a back up. You just need t... Read More »

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What do you do when both the girl and the boy are underage and they both don't want a baby and the girl becomes pregnant?

Answer Have the girl call Birthright 1-800-550-4900 right away. Also if she goes to any local Catholic church and tells them of her situation they will help her. Answer Go to a Planned Parenthoo... Read More »

How to Be the Girl You Want to Be?

Everyone seems to have someone they want to be and somehow they lose track of who they are in order to be them. What I am going to inform you is that you can still be you and be that picture perfec... Read More »

How to Be the Girl All The Guys Want?

There are some girls who are just like magnets for man's attention. You wanna be one of them? Tips to remember:

How to Get a Girl to Want to Go out with You?

There are many girls that are in your class or in your school. You see them often, but never really took the time to talk to them and introduce yourself. This must happen if you ever expect her to ... Read More »