How do you get a girl to do sole to sole footsie on barefoot?

Answer Tell her, "Have you seen Jaws 3?" If she says no, rip her head off, and use the dead body. If she says yes, say"Then you wont like this!" and then scratch her armpit.That made no sense first of all... Read More »

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What exactly does sole legal custody mean in Virginia if in exchange for dropping child support you received sole custody of your daughter and the father can only visit if you approve?

Answer Sole custody means you have all the power. You can choose to keep the father out of their life until the children turn 18 if you want to or you can allow visits.

You have temporary sole custody of your children is there a good chance you will be awarded permanent sole custody?

Depends on the evidence. I teach fathers what to do. see links below

Can father get sole custody of an eighteen year old when mother has sole legal and physical custody?

Answer The 18 year old is considered an adult. Nobody can have physical or legal custody of her.

Can an unmarried girl get sole custody of her child?

the unwed mother doesnt automatically get sole custody in all states... the state I'm in it is a "joint custody" state so if you put the father on the birth certificate then he will get rights to t... Read More »