How do you get a flat stomach within 2 weeks?

Answer Dont eat for at least 5 hours before you go to bed. Drink lots of water throughtout the day. Eat plenty of fruit and fibre.It is most definetly possible in two weeks, The key is ' Dont go to bed wi... Read More »

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How can I make my stomach flat in two weeks?

Don't do situps. Situps will make you build muscle on your stomach and actually make you appear larger considering situps only tone your ab muscle, they don't burn fat. Walking or running for an ho... Read More »

Can a bloated stomach with stomach pains and needing to go to the bathroom less a few weeks after sex be signs of pregnancy?

Answer It can be a sign of pregnancy or you may have a UTI. Most women go to the bathroom a lot more during pregnancy but I suppose its possible. Do a test in two weeks.

Is it normal to have a sore back that feels hot like it is being stretched with stomach pains every so often if you are six weeks pregnant and have been having the pain for two weeks?

Flat Stomach?

what helped for me is: i bought alot of healthy food and healthy snacks( carrots, apples, bananas). I ate through out the whole day. 3 big meals, and healthy snacks in between. my favorite is whole... Read More »