How do you get a court ordered DNA test in Missouri?

Answer You file a motion for it. See the links below

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If you are ordered to court proceedings over child custody or support and ordered to bring tax returns for the last few years may one ask the Judge that you want a DNA test done for proof?

Answer Your best bet is that you go to court WITH a Family Law Attourney.He will know how to approach the subject with the Judge, very possibablly before you even get to Court. There are many  at... Read More »

Can a adpoted child get a court ordered paternity test?

A placement, in this context, would be the location where the child is placed following intervention. This can either be public care (subject to a care order), foster carers, accommodated by a loca... Read More »

Are there penalties for not paying child support before a court ordered paternity test?

If the court has established a child support order, violating the order and refusing to pay child support carries penalties up to and including jail time. If the order was established before a pate... Read More »

How would I go about getting court-ordered DNA test if I live in Louisiana and the child lives in Texas?

Answer you file in Texas for paternity and other relief. file where the child lives.