How do you get a copy of a notary draft for taking a child out of the country?

Answer Answer A sample letter can be found at, the letter needs completed with ALL required information and then be officially signed and stamped with the seal of ... Read More »

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Notary Public Copy Certification?

Notary publics are state-appointed public servants who serve as unbiased witnesses when important documents are signed and oaths are given. Some states allow notary publics to notarize copy certifi... Read More »

Can a Maryland notary public certify a true copy?

According to "Handbook for Maryland Notaries Public from the Office of the Secretary of State," a notary public in Maryland has no authority to certify a true copy of a public or private document.... Read More »

How can i make a copy of a draft so that both have the same subject, body and attachment in gmail?

First of all your mail which you want to save in other location on your Gmail. Send it your mail address like, if you use log in your a...d@gmail account & send the mail a...d@gmai... Read More »

Will the military draft an only child of an only child?

In the event a draft is ever instituted again, yes. The US Military may draft any citizen registered with Selective Service, and that includes all males over the age of 18, excluding all females.So... Read More »