How do you get a brother to stop being mean?

Answer well in the book you train boys how you train dogs so try that

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How to Stop a Mean Brother from Being Horrible to You and Your Friends?

Have you got an older or younger brother who is nasty to you and your friends? Here is how to stop him.

How do you get you big brother to stop being annoying?

Do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU CAN to prove that you are and will be a capable, responsible, loving parent. Also, if it has to come down to it, that is your child and I'm fairly certain that if you n... Read More »

How do you get your brother to stop being perverted?

Is it to you!?? If yes than get a doctor.. if not than i have a brother and there is no way.. sadly

How can i get my brother to stop being such an x-box nerd?

kidnap his xbox and give him a skateboard.