How to Get Rid of a Beer Belly?

Answer Have a beer belly? The following suggestions will help you rid yourself of your beer belly. And no the beer belly is not always caused by drinking beer.

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Are women put off by a beer belly?

It's not the belly, it's the man behind the belly. (oh well, maybe a little of what's UNDER it too!!)

Does alcohol give you a beer belly?

What(if any) are good exercises for getting rid of a beer belly?

An 8stone, pregnant, male elf ~~~~~ what the hell did you have to drink before you went shopping ???? are you sure it wasn't spiked LOL!Next time , walk to the shops and walk back and keep back a c... Read More »

Are you pregnant with two missed periods and no such other symptoms but a very much bloated upper belly with lower belly remains in same size?

you could but also could not it could be a stress problem interfering