How do you get THC out of your system that is safe during pregnancy?

Answer Answer No it is not usually a sign of pregnancy but a sign of some other condition or problem. Generally thick white discharge is associated with a yeast infection but can also be a symptom of an ... Read More »

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You have taken xanex twice in the last two weeks at 2 mg each time and just got a positive pregnancy test is it safe to continue with the pregnancy?

Answer Yes its safe to continue with the pregnancy hun. However stop taking Xanax and consult your doctor or some pregnancy tests and ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok. Answer From the Physic... Read More »

When is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Answer you can have sex right until you pop providing you have no problems such as a low-lying placenta.

Can sex is safe after getting pregnancy?

your question doesn't make sense. sex is safe when your pregnant...

Is it safe to have a facial during pregnancy?

Hello. Well, you can have a facial depending on the treatment you're considering. If you're having a facial that includes things like dermabrasion, etc., I wouldn't do it. It also depends on what y... Read More »