How do you get Sharpie off of your cabinet door and your refrigerator?

Answer With nail ploish remover! by:lala Answer try alcohol or non-acetone fingernail polish remover.. the acetone will take off the paint on the fridge and the varnish on the cabinet... Answer Use Mr. C... Read More »

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Removing a Cabinet Panel on a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Door?

A Sub-Zero refrigerator door's decorative front cabinet panel is inserted in a channel. Removing the panel requires removing the appliance's handles first. Keeping in line with the refrigerator's b... Read More »

How do I Build a Refrigerator Depth Cabinet?

In a kitchen, base cabinets typically come in a 24-inch depth. This ensures a countertop proper fitting. If you are interested in creating a base cabinet that is refrigerator depth, you will need ... Read More »

Why is the cooling coil of the refrigerator placed near the top of its cabinet?

It isn't always, but the advantage of putting it there is that heat (hot air) rises. You'ld rather not have that hot air heating up the body of the refrigerator.

Should you store soda in a refrigerator or in a cabinet after it's been opened?