How do you get Panasonic blu ray play region free?

Answer If the laptop has a bluray player, if not only regular Dvd's will be playable.

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Are Panasonic DVD players region free?

Many Panasonic DVD players are region-free, meaning that the players are compatible with DVDs produced anywhere worldwide. However, some of those Panasonic models have been discontinued, including ... Read More »

How do you make Panasonic DVD player region free?

Can you play region free dvds on region 2 DVD players?

Hello, dear if u can make sure the DVD is region free, it can be played in any DVD players.

My DVD player can play region 2 and 'all' - does this mean it can't play region 1?

That is correct. DVD players sold in different country can only play that dvd for the area. You will need a universal player to be able to play all region dvd. Keep in mind that most manufacturer d... Read More »