Blood Poisoning?

Answer It's definitely you scratching too much. Take benadryl 25 mg (one tablet) every 4-6 hours to help with the itching. Caladryl or cortisone cream will help too. If the 25mg of benadryl doesn't hel... Read More »

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Do I have blood poisoning?

ITS not a blood poisoning ; because you will have 102 / 103 Farenheit temperature Go to bed and have a good night sleep

What is the scientific name for blood poisoning?

Sepsis, often referred to as blood poisoning, refers to a serious medical condition that occurs when bacteria reaches the bloodstream. Sepsis is characterized by an elevated heart rate, extremely h... Read More »

Mafia hit-men dipped bullets in garlic to give their target blood poisoning?

What did hospitals do about blood poisoning from dog bites before antibiotics?

you can cover animal bites and bug bites with bentonite clayread;"" Puss Caterpillar BiteI got stung by a puss caterpillar yesterday. The stings an be vicious. But I did what I could to get the sti... Read More »