How do you get BBC iplayer downloads into iTunes?

Answer you cant as its a copyright company and if you were to hack into the folders that's your only chance, email me for more help, strange

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How do I convert iTunes downloads to MP3?

Open iTunes and click "Edit" in the top left corner of the screen. Scroll down and click on "Preferences."Click on the "Import Settings" button in the new window. Click on the bar next to "Import U... Read More »

How do I delete iTunes downloads?

you go the download & click it. then press the "delete" button.

Downloads From iTunes Are Slow on Windows 7?

If your purchased content downloads at a slow rate from iTunes there may be an issue with your Internet connection rather than the iTunes program. The speed of your modem determines how fast songs,... Read More »

Sites or GOOD & safe downloads that can transfer a youtube video to a video to put on iTunes?

I use ZAMZAR ( i think thats the name. I will check when I get home but thats what I use.