How do you function a remote control on splitair-condition?

Answer coz the battery is low

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How does a television remote control function?

Answer A) Insert BatteriesB) Press the buttons

What is a trimmer function in helicopter remote control?

If the helicopter tries to drift in a certain direction or rotates without any control stick input, you may need to adjust your trim. Move the trim sliders in the opposite direction that the helico... Read More »

If you could create a remote control with 4 function buttons to use on your partner/opposite sex ?

1- quit acting differently around your friends, thats just annoying and arrogant.2- talk to me like we used to, like before you got laid and back when you actually cared about my happiness3- stop t... Read More »

You have no remote control for proline dfv12 freeview stb how can you find code number using fairly old black diamond universal remote control?