How do you fry an egg without the bottom burning?

Answer cook your eggs over medium heat only you are cooking them way to hot. also for well cooked eggs, if you pop the yolk when you put the egg into the pan you can reduce the cooking time by a full minu... Read More »

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How do you cook scrambled egg without burning the bottom of the pot?

I used to cook them on the stove top until I cooked them in the microwave once and since then I have never cooked them on the stove top again. They come out so light and fluffy,beaten eggs, butter... Read More »

How to stop bottom of my cookies burning?

If you take a combination of some of the posts they are nearly right One said 375 for 13 minutes and that is right One said turn them upside down and that is right too. How to stop them burning tho... Read More »

How to Tan Without Burning?

Most health officials agree that tanning in any form is not good for your skin. But for those who must tan, there are a couple of options to choose from. Does this Spark an idea?

The Quickest Way to Get a Tan Without Burning?

It is widely known that too much exposure to the sun's harmful rays can increase your risk of skin cancer and cause premature signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. That being said, some ... Read More »