How to French Inhale (Irish Waterfall)?

Answer The French Inhale, or Irish Waterfall.The French Inhale, also known as the Irish Waterfall, is a basic smoking tricks in which a dense cloud of smoke leaves your mouth and rises up into your nose. ... Read More »

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Can you inhale a cigarillo?

Dude, that's what smoking is,,,, INHALING!!!!

How to Inhale Scream?

Many established Metal vocalists use a technique known as "Inhale" or "Inward" Screaming. Below is a method to help you learn the style for yourself.

Is it dangerous to inhale raid?

When you inhale the smell, you ARE inhaling Raid, which is a pesticide. Which is bad for people. Buy these instead, they work very well, and no pesticides. They're called "Roach Motel"http://www... Read More »

Chest pains when i inhale?