How do you forward text message on the iPhone?

Answer You can forward with iPhone 3.1. Open the text, select edit, check the texts from the thread you want to forward and select forward. You can only select two objects to forward at a time.

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How to Find the Source of a Forward Message Sent Via Text Message?

Tired of those annoying forward messages that your friends send you? Here's how trace a forward message back to its original sender!

How can you tell if a forward text message is true?

I'm sure you have to pay for internet from your provider, most likely not soley for facebook.

If I forward a text message to my email account, will I get charged?

Yes, off course you will be charged unless you have free texts. ;-)

How do you make it so instead of the preview of a text message in the iPhone you can just see the words text?

See the guide here: