How do you forward pictureson samsung android phone?

Answer Yes and also an iPhone 5

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Can you forward text messages to another phone android?

Is it possible to put Samsung's TouchWiz UI on a non-Samsung Android phone?

Generally, no, it's not possible to put the TouchWiz UI on another phone that isn't made by Samsung. Because some pieces of hardware requires the hardware that a normal Samsung phone that naturall... Read More »

How to Forward a Text to a Group List on an Android Phone?

Forwarding a text to a group of people can take forever if you have to manually select each person. You can save time by creating a group from your contacts, and then forwarding the message to that... Read More »

Can you install Windows Phone 7 OS on a Samsung Vibrant phone to replace Android 2.1?

Impossible, its like asking can my DVD player play Blue ray. But what you could put on it is windows mobile, like the HD2 has, since both phones are practically the same.