How do you forward messages on lg optimus you?

Answer no

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How do you forward tex messages from an iPhone 3 gs?

It will restore every thing and you will need to jailbreack it after wards

How can you forward messages on an iphone?

That depends on your AT&T plan. In AT&T, MMS counts just like your SMS. So if you have an unlimited texting plan, then it won't cost a thing to send MMS.

How do I forward messages on a cell phone?

Find MessageSelect menu button. Find and select messaging icon. This looks like an envelope. Find the message in your inbox. Select the message. Then select the "Options" button. Scroll down and cl... Read More »

How do you forward text messages on the iPhone 3G?

If you get the IPhone 3G update off your computer, that's free, you just double click on a message and you'll have the option to copy it. Then you would need to paste it into were you type. My favo... Read More »