How do you form condo owners assoc?

Answer You hire an association-savvy attorney in your state who tailors the state's condominium law -- if there is one -- to fit you, the developer's, business objectives. The original association documen... Read More »

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How can a condo assoc have unpaid assessments show up in owners credit report?

Your assessments cover your share of the expenses that the association pays to operate and preserve the property that you own. If you enjoy the amenities without paying for them, essentially you're... Read More »

Can condo assoc located in Illinois place in unit owners credit report unpaid assessments?

If you owe assessments that are unpaid, you are in violation of the financial agreement you made with the association. The association is required to pursue you to collect this debt. You can read y... Read More »

Can a condo assoc forclose on a unit?

Yes. Read your governing documents to discover under which terms the association can sell your unit.Generally, this is possible when an owner who has agreed to pay assessments, fails to pay them, s... Read More »

Felony can a Florida condo assoc evict you?

The governing documents spell out the violations for which tenants can be evicted. These sets of violations are unique to each condominium association. Usually, the association will only step in t... Read More »