How do you flip a movie if you filmed it up side down on an iPhone 4?

Answer the same way with all of the other iphones

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How can change my picture i taken from my iPhone from upside down to right side up to my computer.?

The first iPhone was released in the United States on June 29, 2007.

My mouse will move the cursor up and down but NOT side to side!! Help......?

take the ball out of the bottom of the mouse and clean the runners, they get crap stuck round them. just scrape it with your finger nail and blow it out.

Up and down ,or side to side ,which is the best way to brush teeth ?

Hello.....No question about it ------> [ Up and Down ]Side-to-side , in-out-andall- about just to hopefully get what might have been missed.Of course, proper flossing is very important.

How to Do a Off Side Flip on a Tech Deck?

Cool trick that takes some time to practice, and it also takes quick reflexes.