How do you fix your sleep cycle quickly?

Answer I'm facing the same thing in 2 weeks time when I go back to college. I always tell myself "Right two nights before I go back to school/college, I will not sleep, I'll stay up all night and keep bus... Read More »

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How to sleep quickly?

How can i get out of this stupid sleep cycle?

the best way to get back on track skip a section of sleep, and then go to sleep at the preferred time. So....go to sleep at 4...and then set an alarm for like 6 or 7 o'clock, and force yourself to ... Read More »

How do I return my normal sleep cycle?

Every day whether you're tired or not, discipline yourself to get into bed by 10/11pm , even if you're not tired, just get into bed, and obviously you won't fall asleep till ages, but just lay ther... Read More »

How do I get my sleep cycle back on track?

There are two ways you can do this... you could stay up later and later every day and sleep in later to go with that and you'll eventually be going to sleep around then. The other way (if you're ov... Read More »