How do you fix this signature?

Answer Omit the elements, and put everything in the CSS on the outer , like so:[[User:Example|Example]]That's more-efficient code that works; I think yours might have been failing because you forgot to c... Read More »

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Is this Les Paul a signature guitar in a way?

Yes. It is the most popular signature guitar on the planet :PAnd before someone says it's not a signature because other people have signature Les Pauls, the Jackson King V and Randy Rhoads are both... Read More »

When can an acting commanders signature block be placed on a document for signature?

In the authorized absence of the units Commanding Officer, the Acting Commander's signature may be affixed to the document.

How to create Electronic Signature/Digital signature using scanner..?

Sign a blank piece of paper, scan it, save as image, crop accordingly. Then just open / insert / copy/paste the image accordingly. That's what I did once. Though there may be other ways.

I captured my signature by digital camera for a online application, can i use this sign instead of scan?

yes you can, but make sure to re-size your signature and if possible remove the background using Photoshop.