How do you fix the walls in virtual families?

Answer You have to wait until the wall repair comes into the store so check in occasionally in the section miscellaneous for wall repair. (It looks like a bucket of paint.)

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How do you get the pool in virtual families?

Are there any cheats for virtual families on the ipad 2?

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How do you get more money on virtual families iPhone?

You cannot. That feature is only available on the PC version. You can i don't know what there on a bout go into settings and change the date back 2 or more years 2 works the best so 2012 it would b... Read More »

How can you buy pets on virtual families for ipod?

You go to the store and It should say varied items and you can buy a turtle (I have one) a cat or a dog and they each cost $500 NOTE: You can only have one pet at a time! Hope this helps :)