How do you fix the 3G Problem on htc hd2 after installing android 2.2 on it?

Answer Nopee

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Problem after installing windows 7?

BSOD!!!!!!Blue Screen Of Death!Dont worryJust reinstall the 7 cleanlySo format the hard drive and install your Win 7 :D

How may I fix "no service" problem on Android phone after I take off the battery?

If all was done right, the no service should only last a few minutes at most.??? Otherwise, bring it to your store where you bought it, and see if they can find the problem...(Please don't say Metr... Read More »

Problem Installing a game in XP?

reinstall the game then restart your game as soon as its done installing. try to find a patch for the game as well, but you can do that right now.

Windows 8 installing problem?

I just got my laptop with windows 8 too. I also had updates, but what I did is before downloading anything, I went to the store tile and right in the store it said I have updates. what I did was cl... Read More »