How do you fix my iphone 4 that wont stop vibrating?

Answer Hold the home button and the lock/power button on the top for approx 10 seconds

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Your iPhone up when you tried to update the software to iPhone 4 then you had to restore the iPhone to original factory settings and now it wont do that HELP?

How do you fix an iphone 4 that wont turn on?

Make sure it has been on charge for at least an hour then press and hold the menu and power/lock button together for 10 seconds. Your iPhone 4 should then work again. This goes for all iPhones, iPo... Read More »

How can i stop my door from vibrating?

How about some rubber weatherstripping around the door?

My wifi wont work on my iphone 4s anywhere that I go!?

take it to an apple store and get them to look at it, hopefully they will be able to fix it