How do you fix canon ZR800 tapes?

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Does a canon zr800 connect to the computer?

Yes. Easily.Your computer needs a firewire400 port. You will transfer the video using a firewire (IEEE13094a, i.Link - all the same thing) cable connecting the DV port on the camcorder to the firew... Read More »

Purchase a download of the manual for the Canon zr800?

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Can a Canon HV20 use mini DV tapes?

According to Canon, the HV20 High Definition Camcorder can use standard Mini DV tapes. However, because this is a high definition recorder it is recommended that HDDV tapes are used. Each High Defi... Read More »

Okay... have a Canon HV20 and Adobe premiere... cant get my HD tapes in 24p mode onto the computer... ANY HELP?

The CS3 version of Premiere Pro works great with the HV20 but anything earlier does not. Your best bet may be to try importing video using HDVSplit, which is a freeware app and then taking the vide... Read More »