How do you fix a lazy eye?

Answer Actually it can be fixed, and in most cases without surgery. A lazy eye is the result of weak muscles in one eye that allow it to drift inward. The best way to strengthen the muscles in that eye, i... Read More »

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Why are lazy Susans called lazy Susans?

A lazy Susan's rather mundane function as a revolving serving tray belies the mystery behind its name. Theories abound, but "Word Detective" columnist Evan Morris speculates that "lazy Susan'' may ... Read More »

How to tell which eye is lazy?

By definition a "lazy eye", or, more properly, an Amblyopic eye is one with poor vision that cannot be corrected by glasses. It occurs for several reasons, basically a situation in which, with both... Read More »

Lazy Eye?

Lazy eye is called amblyopia. Eye patching is used to treat the condition in young children. Unfortunately, after the age of about 7 or 8 years, eye patching and other methods do not help amblyop... Read More »

Do i have a lazy eye?

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