How do you fix a glare from LCD TV?

Answer My husband sat down to watch the game the other day after a hard morning of working in the yard. After siting down and getting comfortable in front of our new television, he became irritated. He co... Read More »

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How to Do an Intimidating Glare?

Make your eyes ignite like infernos erupting from volcanoes, your mouth tight and taut till it nearly rips in two, your nostrils flared so violently you could store a walnut inside. Here's how to g... Read More »

Do LCD monitors have any glare?

All LCD monitors may have a certain amount of glare when viewed outside. Glossy screens exhibit far more glare than matte ones. If you regularly use a laptop computer outdoors, look for a model wit... Read More »

How to Do an Evil Glare?

Sometimes you want to get the message across that you don't like someone or you find they are annoying without saying a word. That is when a glare comes it. The Irish warrior queen Boudicca was kno... Read More »

Why would a girl I barely know, glare at me?

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