How do you fix a glare from LCD TV?

Answer My husband sat down to watch the game the other day after a hard morning of working in the yard. After siting down and getting comfortable in front of our new television, he became irritated. He co... Read More »

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Security camera - glare from the window from the nightvision/IR ...10 points best answer?

Ok I have some questions By window do you mean the Polly carbonate that protects the camera our did you install them indoors and trying to look through the house window.?Is it a bullet camera or d... Read More »

How do I prevent glare from fluorescent lights?

PlacementMove lights out of direct line of sight with reflective surfaces. If the lights creating the glare cannot be moved, then reposition monitors and televisions to face away from the light. If... Read More »

How do I remove the lighting glare from glasses?

Add Antireflective CoatingAsk for antireflective (AR) coating on your lenses the next time you purchase a pair of eyeglasses. The coating involves layering metal oxide on the front and back of your... Read More »

How to Remove Sun Glare from Photographs Using Photoshop Elements?

Adobe Photoshop software comes with a large collection of tools to create digital artwork, but for editing photographs, its "lighter" version of Photoshop Elements may be ideal. Working in Elements... Read More »