How do you fix a damaged memory card?

Answer Well, I think you are possibly screwed and shoudl go buy another one for like 20 bux. If not and u want to experiment. I suppose it is the conductor plates that have been scratched to the point wh... Read More »

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Can you reformat memory card damaged at airport?

Answer If there is no physical damage, you can reformat it easily through either your camera, or your computer via a card reader. If you go the computer route you can format it whenever it pops up... Read More »

Can a digital cameras memory card be damaged by being subjected to xray probe at the airport?

no dont worry may i ask u something u can take off the memory card while it being checked by xray

My memory card automatically erased images on memory card! How will i get it And i want memory card recovery?

Give this a try - As long as you haven't ntook any more pictures , you stand a good chance in recovering everything. I've just done a recover with this - Copy and Paste it. - Read More »

Forgot samsung e2652 memory card passord .unable to open any memory card?

First of all, are you using the memory card with a mobile phone or a camera? I believe it must be a camera because I haven't come across any mobile phones using the same, they usually have micro SD... Read More »