How do you fix a computer chair dragging on the floor?

Answer People who need to be at their computer for long periods recognize the need for the computer chair they use to slide easily around the computer area. This facilitates activities such as quickly rea... Read More »

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Dragging Ipod Songs From Computer Library To Itunes Playlist?

I ran into the same problem once, mostly I found that if you just fiddle with it for a while, it'll work. Make sure you're dropping the music into the right library, or it might go a little wacky o... Read More »

Ok I'm ready to pull my hair out!! My computer is so slow. I'm talking about straight up dragging a$$. Help!?

Ok, what it seems like you need to do is a disk cleanup and defragmentation. Its an internal tool that came with your computer. The disk cleanup clears old files that arent used anymore because the... Read More »

How to Buff Floor Chair Scratches?

Scratches on wood floors present an unsightly finish, and can damage the floor. Many surface scratches are easy to repair. Chairs dragged across the floor commonly cause scratches, especially in h... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Chair Floor Protector?

As long as you can turn your chairs over, you can make your own chair floor protectors for very little money. Avoid scratching hardwood floors by attaching soft, custom-trimmed cloth to the bottom ... Read More »