How do you fix a broken ipod?

Answer AnswerIf it is frozen just hold down play and the middle button. THATS WAT I DIDImproved answer: If you have followed these steps from Apple and your iPod is still not working, send it to us for re... Read More »

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How to Fix a Broken iPod?

The sad face appears on your iPod screen. You hear a clicking sound (the sound of the hard drive having difficulty spinning). Have you had these problems going on with your iPod? Then this method j... Read More »

What do you do with a broken Ipod?

if it is under 2 years apple will fix most things 4 free but if it is after apple will make you pay to get fixed.

My ipod is broken i think?

Try draining it and the if all the water is out:try opening up and putting back togethershould workworked for me

What happens when your iPod earphones are broken?

depends on the loudness if you are playing the music really hard then they are