How do you fine "fine tune" your computer so it is running at optimum speed?

Answer If you install your computer as specified on the website below it will practicly run fast forever!!!…

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My computer got hacked by a police virus fine. How do i get rid of it, it blocks my screen & asks me £100 fine?

It's pretty much the same as METROPOLITAN POLICE scam. Here's a write-up and removal guide:…

Startup repair for windows 7 failed,but my computer is still running fine?

If it hasn't had any effect on it, forget it☺

Ethernet not working, was working fine but works fine on another computer?

right click on the connection icon on the lower right bottom of desktop near the troubleshoot, and windows will tell you what's going on.It may reset your adapter.Trying using opendns, ... Read More »

How to Fine Tune A Plasma TV?

Knowing how to fine tune a plasma TV will help you make the most of your investment and increase your viewing pleasure. Many people spend a lot of money plasma TVs that look great in the store, onl... Read More »