How do you find your gateway address and DNS and netmask on your mobile phone?

Answer 3-5, 3-5, 4-4

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Can you divert your landline incoming calls to your mobile phone, when your house is closed and you are away?

its different in countries, but you need to check your service provider, most of them allowing the call forwarding

What is a good website where you can download free mobile phone games onto your pc to put onto your mobile?

Find it here :www.4shared.comwww.getjar.comwww.zedge.netwww.bayw.orggallery.mobile9.comwww.freesymbiansoft.comwww.symbian-freeware.comwww.getsymbian.comwww.bestsymbian.comsymbianuiq.blogspot.comwww... Read More »

You have custody of your 16 yr son Without your approval his father took him for his permit using your address Will your insurance go up in NY Can you do something to change the address?

Answer If you absolutely do not let him drive your vehicle, then no it won't go up. If you intend to let him drive, you need to contact your agent and add the boy to your policy, and yes, then it ... Read More »

If your mobile phone breaks would you know all your friends numbers?

I wouldnt have a clue!There is a gadget you can buy though, It reads your sim card and makes a note of the numbers on it just in case anything happens to your phone. There's one here: http://www.iw... Read More »