How do you find your adopted daughter?

Answer You would have an accurate tree regardless of whether you indicated the adoption of not. Legally they are treated as if they were of blood.

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How can you find the adoption papers if your daughter was adopted without your permission?

From my experience this can not happen. If it was a closed adoption in some states you can not be in contact til the child is 21. In most states it is 18. I know this because I am currently searchi... Read More »

How would someone allow an adopted daughter to find one if she wants to?

Your parental rights were terminated and your daughter was adopted can the adoption be overturned?

I am not at all very sure about this question since I am not a person from the judge or anything, but I don't think it is possible if your parental rights are terminated... Unless the termination i... Read More »

If the father of the adopted child dies and leave everything to the mother and adopted daughter and they are both beneficiaries to all but the mother of the adopted child did not give anything?

A claim against the deceased's estate may be made in probate court when the will is probated. The court will take it under advisement to ascertain if the claimant has a valid, legal claim. But it ... Read More »