How do you find your 16 year old half sibling?

Answer Correy Stoner and Jamiee Stoner

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Is one sibling predeceases a parent do their children get half or does the surviving sibling get all the inheritance?

That would depend on either (a) a will, or (b) state laws of intestacy, or (c) both of the above. Generally: A properly drafted will gives instructions in that situation by making the gift per st... Read More »

If a pair of sibling related by their half sister had sex what would the relation to the children and half sister be?

I am not exactly sure, but I would think it would be aunt.

Why does your 9 year old girl scratch her baby sibling?

Yes, he does. He has two half-brothers and a sister.

Can an eleven year old be left to watch a ten year old and a six year old sibling in Washington state?

She has an older brother Sean and an older sister Rebecca and a younger brother Zachary