How to Find the Volume of a Semicircle?

Answer Because a semicircle is a two-dimensional shape, it has an area rather than volume. You might need to know the area of a semicircle if you want to paint a semicircular area or if you want to lay so... Read More »

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How to Find the Volume of a Chamber?

There are many simple three-dimensional objects whose volume can be easily calculated with predetermined mathematical formulas, such as rectangular prisms, cylinders, pyramids and spheres. Many sto... Read More »

How to Find the Volume in a Pipette?

A pipette is often used in science. It has the same function of an eye dropper. The pipette can hold a certain amount of a liquid. The amount of a liquid it can hold is known as its volume. You cou... Read More »

How to Find Volume in Kiloliters?

Finding and converting volumes can be challenging at first, but the process becomes much easier with practice. These conversions are even more difficult when one is asked to convert between U.S. or... Read More »

How to Find the Volume of a Lake?

According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, there are hundreds of millions of lakes throughout the world. Measuring their volume is an important part of understanding our environment. As world populati... Read More »