How do you find the "best" looking dentures?

Answer OK you little southern's what you do...Open your phone book Yellow Pages to where it say's "Dental Laboratories"...Call two to three that are near you...When the Lab answers ask to sp... Read More »

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My Dentures have went on an Adventure any ideas were I might find them?

Oh dear, they can't be too far away retrace your steps.

I find that my dentures hurt when I eat rock - any tips?

My teeth hurt when I eat rock let alone dentures!!!!

Is there a website to find out approximate cost of dental work and dentures privately?

Answer You didn't say where you lived. I just had a lot of work done on my teeth. The front on the top and bottom were capped and I have upper and lower partials and it cost me $12,000 CDN. Unf... Read More »

If you have dentures?