How do you find the UDID without your ipod?

Answer On Mac os, go to spotlight search and type in backup ( cuz I backed up my lost iPod) and it's the numbers and digits on the different folders..all of the folders are the different ones you backed up

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How to Obtain the Identifier Number (UDID) for an iPhone, iPod or iPad?

The identifier number, also known as the UDID, of an iPhone, iPod, or iPad is a unique number that identifies your device. If you are an Apple developer you will need this number to install any sof... Read More »

How to Get Your UDID for Security?

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IOS 5 UDID Activation?

i will do yours for free just send me udid. hahaha that rhymed I have 9,457 slots left get em while you can

What if you jailbreak your iPod but cant find limerian on your iPod Touch?

Then you probably didn't follow all of the directions. Reset you iPod, follow the limera1n jailbreak directions once again, and then the limera1n app should show up on your home screen